Help with applying textures?

How do you apply a texture to an object once you have it on your toolbar?

anyone? Help??

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Well, you have to UV map you object - this tells blender which part of the texture to place onto which part of your model. Then you have to add a texture to the material. I usually change the map-input to UV from Orco at this point. Once this is done, you pick Image as the texture type then either load in your image, or hit the up/down button to select a texture you’ve already loaded.

in short:

  1. Pick object
  2. Pick materials button (f5)
  3. In the texture tab, hit Add New
  4. In Map Input tab, hit Uv
  5. Hit f6 then set texture type to Image
  6. In the Image tab, either hit Load or the up/down button next to it and select your image
  7. Render, say oh crap!! then fix as necessary.

The wiki has some info in it about avoiding stretching when uv mapping. G’ luck & have fun.

thanks, enhzflep :slight_smile: