Help with armature!

Hey, I recently made my very first “hero” that has an armature attached to him, now I want to make some poses and some actions and save them so I can use them later (I’ve already made a walk cycle and have it on action editor , I didnt know any other way to save it)
now I want to save some poses like ‘standing’ so I wont have to do it all over again but I dont know how, I can save actions in the action editor but saving poses there seems a little wrong if there is an other way to save poses plz let me know !

(I didnt know where to post such a thing I hope this topic is right)

Pose Libraries documented here

thx I think that was what I wanted ill read it soon
thx a lot :smiley:

wow this is so perfect, it was exactly what I was looking for THX :DDDDD