Help with armatures

Hello all! I am on my first attempt at making an animation. I’m trying to animate the gingerbread man from the blender tutorial. My problem is getting all the armatures to deform the object. When i parent one leg to the armature and set the vertex group, it deforms fine in pose mode. However; when i do the the same to the other leg, that leg deforms the object but the first leg i set doesn’t affect the object anymore. I can only seem to have one working leg at a time, although i have got both arms to work. If anyone can make any sense of this please help! thanks!


Put your Armature in Pose Mode then select the Mesh and goto WeightPaint Mode. In F9 buttons, Paint tab, set the Weight and Opacity to full. Now select one Bone at a time with RMB for each leg and paint the Mesh Area (Vertex Group) that will be affected by that bone, both Back and Front until it’s fully Red. That should do it. If you have any trouble seeing where you’re painting hit F to goto Face mode but remember to leave it again (with F) before selecting the next bone.


Thanks that worked like a charm! Of course it took a bit of time to figure out how to use it properly. Thanks for the help!