Help with array modifier following bezier circle please!

I’m following DAVID WARD’s baseball tutorial at and I’m having a little trouble with the array modifier. He says in the tutorial that in fit type when you set it to fit curve, and select the correct curve (in this case the bezier circle), the modifier gives you the correct amount of whatever object is being “array-ed” to go along the full path determined by the curve. I think I followed the tutorial correctly so far (of course I could be wrong) and when I applied all of this the amount of copies of the original object was waaaaay too little to go along the WHOLE bezier circle. I messed around with the value of the distance between each duplicated object, but nothing seems to be fixing this.

You can see that the bezier circle is going along the seams of the baseball, and the stitches is what the array modifier is applied to. The amount of stitches that was duplicated is DEFINITELY not enough to go along the whole bezier circle, I can tell so just by looking at it. (note: in the image I have relative offset checked, but with it unchecked it doesn’t fix this)

Whats wrong? Please help :frowning:

Perhaps go back earlier in the tutorial and see if you did anything different? Seems like it should be working.

can you upload a saple file
it would help to analys it and see what can be done may be!

happy 2.5

Apply scale in Object mode. Should fix it.

Thank you, that fixed it