Help with arrays?

Hi , i’m doing this tutorial from where you model a block of flats using arrays , now here’s my problem , the building starts out capped at both ends and after building a floor , i want to duplicate it and move it up along the z axis to create an identically shaped roof.

But when i duplicate the floor and move it up , the array modifier is linked to it? i think is what i mean, so now instead of it being on top of the building it creates a floor of the building on top of itself(the duplicated floor). i guess i’m asking how can i turn the array modifier off on my duplicate of the floor, but keep the array , on the origonal peice.

I hope that wasnt too convoluted , iv’e maybe not had enough sleep trying to figure stuff like this out :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for any and all help

play around a bit, try using “apply” in the modifier panel, use more z axis offsets, maybe remove the modifier on the duplicate (or the original?)

im not sure i understand your problem, but i hope that helps!