Help with "b" key

Hi guys… I’m am very new to blender… 3 days now… i am having some problems with my “b” key… i just got the interface behind me so can navigate my way fairly…

down to the problem with the “b” key… i don’t know if it is a setting on my side or a change on the system it self, the tutorial i am following “video”, the guy presses the “b” key on the keyboard and selects a bunch of vertexes with a select box…(this selection then selects the vertexes behind the vertexes he selected as well) and then presses delete to delete half the box…

when i press the “b” button and select the vertexes on the one half… it only selects the ones “i can see” form the front view… iow when i press delete in only deletes a few selected vertexes… not the half of the box… If you get what i am saying… :eek:

please help…

Deselect the ‘Limit selection to visible’ button


you are a legend. Thanx man

This button allow you to switch between “see through model” or “see only what is in your view” vertices/faces/edges of a model.

Or you can switch to Wireframe display too instead of Solid display

edit : too late :slight_smile: