Help with baking

Im hearing about that tool for the first time. I would mess around with that Thin/Thick option and see if it exports different model. I have no idea if it would work thought.

It does. It has more vertices and I think it gives it depth so maybe that’s it. I’ll try it now.

Emit at 1.00 and Ambient at 0.00.

I’ll try that.

Here’s the bake for the thick view. I can’t check it with the model because I’ll need to change a lot of things first.
I think the thick view does have backfaces.

Yes probably.

The vertices are way higher though so I’ll probably stick to changing the settings.

Is this with reytrace or approximate?

I haven’t changed anything there so Raytrace.

Okay, thank you so much for your help. I guess I’ll check the settings and see which ones work best for each piece. :slight_smile:

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