Help with baking

I’m baking out a normal from a high poly, and I’m having a very weird problem. I really need this solved as well, or a new project I’m working on will not be able to advance. I think it has something to do with the direction that the rays are shooting, but it’s very abnormal. It also doesn’t matter the distance I place my low poly object from the high, it still occurs.

and the object:

On a different note, I’m just wondering if it’s possible to use colored spec maps in the BGE, or if they have to be black and white with the ‘spec’ value tinted.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Any help?I’d love to complete this tonight.

Do normals matter in this process? And do they have to be in the same location? I’ve never baked anything in Blender, but from Harkyman’s book: select hi res first, then lo res, Ctrl-c to put them in same location, then on bake panel select selected to active and normals, normal space set to tangent. Hope this helps.

All of those steps have been followed. I’ve baked a lot before, but never had anything like this. I’m downloading 2.47 to see if it isn’t the new version of Blender. Here’s the file by the way if it helps.

edit: the problem still occurs with older versions of Blender.

Try putting lights everywhere, experiment with different lights…
Maybe it’s the “margin” value?

I’ll try margin, but using lights I think has nothing to do with the baking process. As far as I know, rays are fired from the each facenormal of the highpoly object at the images of the lowpoly, and wherever each hits, a pixel is drawn with a color representing the distance it took for the ray to strike. Hence “normal map”.

After doing another bake with normals flipped in different directions, I got this, which, while it doesn’t have the inverted normals of the other image, it has really no resemblance to the actual high poly.

Have you tried baking a displacement-map? If nothing else is working, you could convert it to a normal map.

But mainly you can see then whether it is a problem of normal baking or of baking at all.

Yust a question: How did you get the structure of the highpoly? Are these Normalmaps and Displacementmaps combined? Or only displacement maps? Possibly blender can only bake one displacement-map properly - no idea why, but perhaps just try to apply them for baking.

Thank you for your suggestion, I’ll try it. For the high poly, I originally used a displacement map on a subdivided plane, applied it, then sculpted the detail onto the surface. I may try to use Mudbox, or Zbrush to bake the highpoly from over the weekend, we’ll see.

blender doesn’t like me right now but I think your problem lies in the backside of your object. Try delet all the verts on the bottomside of your high-res object.

Thanks SIm88, but I have no geometry on the backside of my object, I just sudivided a plane, heavily.

After trying a displacement map, it has the same weird result unfortunately, so that’s out.

Thanks for trying guys, I’m going to try a test using other baking programs, and if that works, then I’ll submit this as a bug within Blender itself.

I have solved the problem, but it does leads to a larger one: I found a bug with Blender. I’ll report it right away to the devs. It seems that Blender applied some value to the mesh’s properties through the displacement modifierthat weren’t disposed of when I applied the modifier. In order to get rid of those properties, I exported to .obj, then re-imported, and it worked. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Edit: I can’t seem to reproduce the bug though, so I can’t really report it.