Help with basic animation please!!

Okay, I’ve been using blender for a while now. But, I’ve been having some major issues with animations :frowning:

This issue is, I can’t get them to work at all. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be using the game engine, or if I have to bake them first, or something. I’m very confused and would greatly appreciate some help.

I can easily make objects move, etc, but let’s say I want a ball to drop into a liquid and the liquid splash. Here’s what I’ve been doing, tell me what I’m doing wrong please:

  1. Draw large cube, make this the domain. This means the water can’t leave it, correct? Also, in the materials tab, do I have to set it as volume?

2a. Do I bake it now or not?

2b. Now, I draw the collision object which is a sphere, and make two keyframes, one where it is above the water, and one below. I set it as a collision object in the fluid physics tab.

  1. Bake and then render?

If I do it as so, the collision object simply moves through the water, and the water ends up being the domain itself, and the water I made does absolutely nothing. Sometimes when I select the large cube to be the domain it turns into a flat surface. PLEASE HELP!! I’ve been trying to figure this out for days…

This is a complete fail. I’m good at doing basic art in blender, and I would be good at the animations if I learned how… Here’s a blend of a cube as the inlet, and another that’s supposed to a soft body, both have collisions, and I have the smaller cube set to move through the other, yet nothing happens and the smaller cube is not inserting water into the scene :frowning:

Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


watertest.blend (65.7 KB)

sorry, i wish you all the best with your experiements but i have only learned basic soft bodies, maybe sometime soon i will learn the water one but untill that time comes i cant really help you out but seriously good luck

Thanks, if you ever learn anything about it, be sure to contact me :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll go work on learning fire using particle systems while I wait for someone to respond :wink:

Try this. You need a domain cube, a fluid object within the domain and an obstacle within the domain. All these are set in the fluid physics panel.


watertestrev.blend (64.3 KB)

You are making project with any help of reference book or just without any reference, you have not cleared it. The another think is that you have mention its only theory. If you have some picks or screenshots for it than you can share it here so that we can get the proper idea what exactly you are going to say and where you are facing the problems.

I posted a .blend file to show what I was trying to do.

Some points
The large cube is the domain. Make the domain the smallest you need it, this will make the most of your resolution settings.
Reset the scale value for all your objects back to 1 (Ctrl+A). The objects in your blend had different scale values for each axis. Reset them or you’ll get weird results.
The material for the domain is just a normal transparent material, not volume.
Bake before or after adding the material, it doesn’t matter.
In your original blend you seems to have the fluid set to a domain, make sure you set each object correctly.
Increase your fluid resolution as high as is practicable. A high figure will be better but will slow the baking to a time so long its worthless, if blender doesn’t crash first.
Set your domain real world setting to a reasonable figure for your simulation. This is the real world equivalent of the longest side of your domain object.
In your domain viewport display setting it will be set to preview, set to final if you want to see the rendered effect in your 3d window.


Thanks Richard, you’re awesome.