Help with basic game engine (code) and basic content


I’m working on making a simple game that can switch between first person and third person. It’s just a collaborative personal project for now. Right now, I made a UI and will program the UI part to work using Xml(for future usage). I would love feedback on resources I can use to help me. So far, I have one game programming and one c++ reference book. I’ve coded so far using C++ using the Urho3D. It does reference Star Trek and some new faction icons.

I’m up to the point of adding the UI interface functionality not making the models per faction(especially clothing options).

If anyone can help that will be great either programming c++, Blender utilization, or simple content. If you are a Star Trek fan some of the icons seem familiar so I’m open to any help in resources. I already have a library of props and stuff for scenes etc. I can setup collaborative tools. I’m thinking doing this step by step hitting milestones.

I would love to use as much Blender resources into this game.

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Current update I have so far. Primarily UI, logic coding now , and texturing.