Help with Bat texture

Hi all!

I am new to Blender 3D and I am having a little trouble with texturing. My first model was a Baseball Bat, using bevel for the curves etc. Now, when I apply the texture in the “UV/Image Editor” mode, it adds the texture to every face. I want the texture to be applied all over, not just to each face.

I have tried searching for my issue online and I have posted this same topic on forums, as I was having issues loading this site.

Thanks in advance.


Now, when I apply the texture in the “UV/Image Editor” mode, it adds the texture to every face

…which might suggest that you haven’t done unwrapping yet. By default, every face of object gets all UV editor’s designated space and if there is an image that is applied to every face.
Select all mesh in edit mode, set view to Front, Ortho and hit U key. Choose Cylinder Projection. In uv editor choose UVs - Pack Islands or use Ctrl-P shortcut.
This will make image loaded to be spread over the mesh. In 3dview on N-panel check Display - Textured, down on window where menu is set Solid mode. You should be able to see your texture on model. Adjust scale and orientation of UV’s to position it.
Chances are that you will want 2 different materials, one being wood or whatever this is, another - some sticker. Then you need to assign 2 materials and make 2 UV unwraps: check ‘+’ sign on Object Data tab at the UV Maps, then make second unwrap.
To render you need materials assigned. Image shown in 3d view is not sufficient to do the render, it’s there just to control the texturing.
If you haven’t done anything like this before i would suggest checking some tuts: look on G for “blender simple texturing”
One example in written form: