Help with Blender 2.43 joystick setup.

I need some help to configure my joystick on Blender 2.43, nice for help…

Make a search wirth joystick or maybe pygame.
There a lot of topics about that


there is a place where you can put a number in the joystick actuator…

start with about 5000, and tweak from there…

this is “Broken by default”

I am going to add this to a new thread:
“Cryptic things about the blender game engine you will never guess”

Oh nice for the replies.I buy the controller recentlly, on games it works fine, just into blender happens this.

I find that the joystick threshold has to often be set as high as 10,000 but you have to experiment to find what works for you.

Also, make sure that your joystick is already plugged in before you start Blender, otherwise it may not be recognized.