Help with Blender.. Begginer

Hello Guys,

I’m new with Blender, and i just want your help… you have some tutorials for me ? :slight_smile:

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Perhaps this helps

I would suggest mastering the interface first (basically learning to walk)

After that you can start with tutorials which should teach you the rest of the tricks as you learn them.

I usually do these:

CGCookie has allot of good tutorials,if you feel you want to explore 3d modelling further then i suggest you buy a citizenship (only buy it after you went through most of their free tutorials,the paying ones are pretty advanced and you would only be wasting money if you can’t do them)

I suggest you take a look at “Blender 3D: Noob to Pro” before going into any other advanced tutorials.

This will help you get used to the UI and will help you understand small details that other tutorials seem to assume you already know. After you’re done with this, then you can move on to other tutorials like the ones DCBloodHound suggested. :slight_smile: Good Luck!

As DCBloodhound has said, plus search for Blender 2.6 basics on youtube, more than enugh to get you going. I’m in the same boat myself, transitioning from Lightwave, but there is a TON of stuff out there. :slight_smile:

The Website that you give is Very Helpful to me. :slight_smile:

you tubes full of stuff for beginners.

I’ve made a playlist of some of my favorite beginner videos. Of course, I’m still learning too.