Help With Blender Boxes..

Hello All,

I recently had to reinstall windows vista, and delete everything I had on my laptop cause of me losing my password, and deleting the hidden admin account on vista…

SO, on to my question… The other day when I downloaded blender again.(2.49.2)
I got the problem when I moved from a open box such as when you push the space bar the little menu pops up, and I move away from it it disappears starting from the bottom up…

Does anyone out there know how to fix this great problem of mine? It’s a real pain having to put up with this everytime you try to get rid of a pop up box ting in blender…

Please, and thank you for your time! :smiley:


try updating your video card drivers

Sorry for the late reply… School is killing me… :frowning:

But, I’ll try that thanks for your time. :smiley:

Can anyone out there tell me which of these i should download?

And where/how to install it/them?

Thank you for your time. :smiley: