Help with Blender GLSL Materials in Game Engine

Hi guys,

I am building a game scene and i’m using GLSL materials (Lights, Shaders, Shadows, Ramps, Nodes and Extra Textures checked).

I have some tables in my seen to which i assign a material and a texture. My problem is that when i check the ‘Receive’ checkbox in the Shadow group of the Material options, the tables become invisible. If i uncheck it, the tables are rendered correctly, but they dont receive shadows. If i remove the texture (and keep the material), and check ‘Receive’ the shadows are rendered correctly.
Can you tell me what am i doing wrong?

Here are the screens:


All links have failed.

Hmmm, strange. I have shared them on google docs and it seems to be working here. I’ll check it.

I’m signed in to Google as well, if that matters, which I doubt.

It shouldn’t matter. I have made them public now. I’ve signed out of google and tried in different browsers and i’m able to see them.
How about you? Any changes?

I can see them. PM me a link to a blend and I’ll see what I can do (I’m very good with GLSL texturing).

For reference, in case anyone encounters the same problem:
The issue was with the number of spotlights i had. Apparently there’s a limit to how many can be used. I reduced to 4 and it is working now.

Thanks to 3dmedieval for the help.

Yes, you had 21 shadow casting spots…I’ve never walked that dark path…you’ll see what I mean. Profoundly low frame rate would be the only possible outcome. Good luck!

Just so you know, shadows are under development in the GE. The best we have now are spots, and they must be used sparingly.