Help with blender in windows 2000

I have a problem with blender in 2000, every time I try to sellect all the points in a key frame, blender causes an error and closes. For instance, I select a key frame, hit Tab and then hit “a”, it will error and close, am I doing soemthing wrong?
I also just now realized that when I delete any part of a key frame, it will create an error ankick me out. CAn anyone help me?

I did install service pack 1 and then 2, I aslo have 256 mem with a 2 gighertz processor (if that matters)

Sounds odd… What exact version of Blender are you using?

I tried to replicate your problem, but I couldn’t get Blender to crash. Could be anything. I had problems with my computer shutdown yesterday. The computer fan and the monitor would stay on after I shutdown. I removed the newly installed CD-burning software that I installed yesterday, and my computer shutdown properly afterwards. This just goes to show you that it could be something that you might of never guessed which is causing the problem.