help with blender render

well just today i upgraded my vista to 7 as it was too slow now i was using blender for some time and then all of a sudden my screen flashed and it restored and it came written display driver had a problem and has recovered adter i was starting again working in blender then i rendered it and minimized to see my mail but then all of a sudden it crashed and i tried rendering many times with many files but it always kept crashing please help and fast becoz i’m working on my project and need the render and i even composited the blend

If you upgraded from vista to win 7 and now you have problems, check for any updated graphic drivers from your card vendor. Don’t just go with the ones that get installed by default or the ones you were using with vista.

thanx will search for them but actually it did work before a but after the problem with the display driver it had problems

yea um itried updating the drivers but they were all up to date in my device manager so please help

actually i didnt have to update it i had to downgrade it so problem solved

I’ve also had to downgrade graphics drivers in the past to get 3d graphics to work. It was an old nvidia card trying to play Counter Strike. Very important stuff.