help with blending from one twxture to another

Need help with a project i’m working on. Using Blender Internal I need to use drivers to switch/blend/morph from one face bump map to another that has wrinkles on it (when smiling etc). Have searched for some answers but found nothing useful. Halp! :slight_smile:

Add both textures and change the Normal influence value for both (map 1 value 0 -> 1, map 2 value 1 -> 0)
Keyframe the values or RMB on the Normal influence value and add a driver.
Add a bone / empty etc and change it’s position/rotation/scale etc to drive this change
Info on drivers

Here, bone’s RotX change Shape key and texture mix.

thanks! I tried Richards approach before posting here with no luck (maybe it’s just me), thanks for the blend file, eppo, very useful.