Help with Blinking Emission animation

I’m a beginner in Blender and I did not try to do animation before this one. I want to venture forth by simple animations like camera panning and blinking light. There is an object which has emission material. I need to make that blink like a gastube before lightening up. Help me with this please.
Thank you.

You can keyframe the emission then open the graph editor and press “N”. This opens a properties panel. Look for the “modifiers” section and add a noise modifier.

Little details please :slight_smile:
I am telling you the scene. Here are few objects with emission material. Every object is the exact duplicate of one mother object. Therefore, I need them to blink …like a light blinks in before lightening up… and the blinking should be random in every object, one wont be similar to another.

For this, you just need to do what Place57 told you but each object must have a unique material or else they will all blink the same way together.

I never worked in blender’s animation…I only made still images until now…so a little detail about how to do this exactly, would be great, like how I add keyframe… On timeline if I press alt+I, it gives a keyframe at first means at 0 but no further. I couldn’t figure out how this actually works. I’m just a beginner yet :smiley:

And about the material - each one is duplicate of another…but i guess i can control their property individually. right? I would like the same emission property, but different blink time.

Since you are speaking of emission of light from materials, I am assuming that you are working in the Cycles rendering engine, which I do not have a lot of experience in at this very moment.

If you are trying to add keyframes to certain values, such as the way you make a spot lamp blink in Blender’s Internal Render Engine, you can try scrolling over that value and press i to place a start keyframe for the value. If you are placing this start value at frame 0 however, change the frame by moving the green line on the time line to another frame such as frame 10. Put an end keyframe for this value. adding keyframes for values isn’t like adding keyframes for a moving object such as an arm or a leg.

Hope I was of some help. :slight_smile:

got it, thanks a lot :slight_smile: it’s same for the cycles too, press I on value :slight_smile: