help with bone rotation and rotation angles ?

we have an armature with a lot of bones and eant to do a small animation

now all the bones are in a sequence but not certain how to set or reset IK here?
took example from rigged snippet in Thomas snippet PDF

their rotation will be set at some specific keyframe to do the animation
not certain yet how to do that !

first question would be what’ is the best way to specify the angle of rotation
eulers or quaternions?

i think there is an example for this in Thomas snippet PDF the pose script
to do a small animation with an armature

also wondering if we should set up some drivers here for the bones?
considering that each bone is not function of the other bones before or after?

thanks for any help

Hi RickyBlender.

You really need to start watching/reading some tutorials on the various aspects of animation. The subject is far too vast to be answered in a single post.

If you have a specific problem, I’m more than happy to help, (if I can), but as I have already said, tutorials are the way to go.

Regards to you.



for the pose snippet
but not certain if it is the best way!

like how do you pass all the bones names to the function
seems to be complicated in this pose snippet script!

like is there an another way to let say

1 - get the name of all the bones on an armature ?

2- then set rot loc for a given bone with a specific name

Ex: if an armature has let say 20 bones
need to get the bones’ name then change the rot loc for this specific name!

with that i think it should go well for the little script i’m working on

thanks for any help

“like how do you pass all the bones names to the function
seems to be complicated in this pose snippet script!”

The problem is, that data is stored in lists and those list are not always in a neat orderly fashion.

There are a number of tutorials, (I’ve used them myself in the past), that deal with list manipulation in Blender, and the passing of data.

I’ll dig around and see what I can find.

You need a code example that can easily be modified for what you require.
My computer access is not flexible at the moment, (community library), so it is sometimes difficult to pass and receive information.

I’ll get back to you when I find something suitable, or someone else answers first.

Don’t give up. Learning is always worth it in the end.

Regards to you.


Edit: You should also make a copy of all the Blender functions and internal “names” so you can refer to them, when you are working. This way you will know exactly what a Blender/Python command does, and recognise the difference between a user made name and a keyword, or reference to a Blender “object”. The Wiki was my last port of call but I do not know at present if the site has been updated for the most recent Blender versions.

Anyone else know an up to date resource for Blender internal object names etc?

Just checked my old references. I picked up my Blender “object” lists from