Help with bones, please?

Okay. I’ve tried many a times with the bones, but something always messes up. I have this complex fused mesh here that likes to mess with me. I’ll make the bones, and It only SORTA works. Like the arm+sleeve will move, which I want, but a few faces of the head move too. So, I would like some help here.

Below is a reference of the model. If any one could help, please draw on the image the bone set up that would make the movements I am looking for possible which are as follows:

Head, hat and hair (for nodding, looking around, etc)

legs and pant legs (each set separate, so a walking animation can be made. It works, but the leg moves faster then the pant leg can move, resulting in the leg going through the pants.

arms and sleeves ( once again separate, so a walking animation can be made. The problem is is that other objects around it get caught in the “bone heat”, i guess you could call it.)

and, if possible, a bone that controls the torso, neckerchief, and hip area.

Please help!


make sure yer armature deform is set to vert groups only, not envelopes. also weight painting helps, too.

Using boneheat saves a lot of time, but you still have to go in yourself and tweak the vertex groups. The tools can be found in weight paint mode and in the edit panel. A group is named after a bone. Any verts in that group get moved by that bone. You can also change how much a bone influences a vertex by adjusting the weight (I think that is what it is called).

Good luck.

thank you, mrhippieguy, so much, the weight paint is working wonders! I had always wondered what It could ever be used for. Though the head is giving me trouble (there are polygons under polygons that aren’t getting reached), this method is working really well. and kupo, I could do the vertices thing, but the hair I made for the character is a confusing mass of faces, so that method would work, but would be all consuming of my time (and patience), but thanks for the info, That Might help later on.

If geometry is getting in your way just hide it (h).

EDIT: Sorry, had the wrong shortcut in there. alt + h is to unhide :o

Oh, also, I have one more question: how do i get my bones back to the original position? It does it when I go to edit mode, but I woud like to know if there is a way to keep it there. any suggestions?

use “Alt R” to clear rotation, “Alt S” to clear scale and “Alt G” to clear location. It’s also usefull to apply objects (object mode) sometimes “Ctrl A”. Take care! Watch what you are doing because those shortcuts can screw your actions and poses!

thanks! also, even one MORE thing: I have the first animation done. So I decide to make a new data block in the pose section of the IPO editor, of which, for some reason, there are already lots of. I make a new one, and move things around. When I go back to the one with the first animation… Something screwy happens. Lets say that i moved the head in the second animation. when I go back to the first one, the head is tilted back farther, and an arm is bent back farther. when I hit play, It does this new weird version of the first animation. When I try to copy the object to just make a new one, the vertices of the first object get dragged around! please help, this is really annoying :confused:

Well man… If you are creating Actions is better to start with the Action editor instead of the Ipo one…

Take some time to study the differences between Action and Ipo conceps: Action is usually associated with armatures and pose modes :wink:

Add a new action to your armature inside the Action Editor and try starting from scratch! :slight_smile: