Help With Book

I have modeled a book in Blender and have pages for it but I want to attach the pages to the back cover, How can I do it? Two images have been attached to show you what I mean.


Assuming that the pages won’t open, you could vertex-parent the pages object to the verticies of the back cover of the book.

Possibly you mean that you want to Join the cover and the pages so you can move the whole book around in the scene?

If so CTRL+J when book and cover are selected.
To unjoin … select the joined objects tab to edit mode and hit P.

An other option is to Parent the pages to the cover so that moving the cover will move the pages.

Select the pages first, then select the cover with SHFT+right click then CRT+P to create parent.

Moving the cover will then always move the pages but the pages can be moved without moving the cover.