Help with breast

hey im trying to make a low poly character (im kinda new) iv got the legs arms and body done but now iv came to the brest im having lots of diffuculty becouse i dont have enough verts to extrude. so what should i do?

here is a screen of my body (dont mind the icky mesh its just a test so i can get all the features right then i will remake but working neater)

hm, why all the tri’s?? your topology isn’t good, this is why you’ll also have problems adding details - such as breasts.

look at this tutorial (the famous joan d’arc)
it will help you with the following things:

  • good proportions, though it’s a rather cartoonish character
  • good polygon topology (THE key to proper modelling AND animation)
  • modelling skills

never mind it was written for 3dsmax, the tools you’ll need are already in blender - extrude edges, cut polygons (either knife or cut face-loop).

have fun