help with Bsurface script

i tried this now free script
but having problems to work with retopo method!

how do you start this set up ?

i set the magnet added a plane then revome all verts

but then after adding some strokes they did not fall on the surface of suzanne !

also when you add strokes with grease pencil do you have to press on return to make it work in the bsurface script?

so any help appreciated to work with this powerfull script


A quick simple example, i have not yet played with anything advanced, but this should be enough to get you started.

After enabling the Bsurface addon
Press N to bring the panel to the 3D view right, then Click on New Layer in the Grease Pencil tab

Then click on the “Surface” button

Hold the D key and draw, the pencil drawing should be projected on the surface of the object.

Once you have made a few strokes, in the T panel (the panel to your 3D view left) , click on “Add Surfaces”

After that, tweak the settings in the Operator tab (or press F6 to make the Operator tab appear as a popup)
You should have no need to enable the snap tool in the bottom of the 3DView

well that does not work !

to add sroke do you need to have the objedt in edit node first ?

in any case the panel bsurface is not there in object mode !

begining to give some results

the retopo on this thing is super nice on the surface !

is it possible to do that retopo with only the grease pencil tool ?


You need to be in edit mode to see the Bsurfaces buttons, not in object mode.

you don’t know any good slow mo video with voice for this script

it s a very powerfull one
ounce you know how to work with it !


just got 46161

and there may be some bugs in scripts

after you add some surface with retopo
i tried to chagne the number of cols rows
but don’t seems to be doung anything ?

have you been able to make this feature work


just notice something here

in 2.63 it comes with already a version of bsurface

now i got also the other GPL version but seems it has some problems

the one that comes with 2.63 seems to work better!

did you test that !


The GPL version is much older and i remember it had lots of problems, do not use it and do not enable it in your Addon panel (as it could create conflicts i guess), enable and use only the new BSurface addon from there :

Hopefully in next version of Blender, the GPL version will be removed and replaced by the new BSurfaces.

I think adding shrink wrap modifier to the retopo mesh and enabling the face snapping mode makes the Bsurface addon more powerful retopo tool.

the gpl i got is from today on blenderrnation

it should be updated to latest 2.63

but there may be some bugs !


Hello, I am trying to make the jar of the video and takes a diagonal at the top.
does anyone know it can be?