help with bumpmapping a brick texture

K guys so Ive found the perfect picture of bricks right, now all I need is for it to be bumpmapped, but I dont have a clue how to get the bricks to look like there is a gap inbetween them. Here is the texture

Also if anyone can tell me how to do the greyscaling and settings for spec (using GIMP) and all the other great things that go with bumpmapping.

thanks alot

you need to process this image so that the bricks are all shades of white or gray and the grout is dark grey to black to get the grout to have the corect bump map.

Yeah, basically you want to convert it to grayscale, with the cement darker than the bricks

Gimp has a normal map plug-in if you want to try that, or, if you can afford the polygons, the displacement modifier gives a good result.

Bump and Normal Maps-(Next page for Displacement Maps)

Displace Modifier -