help with bvh motion file


i have a bvh motion file and retarget it on my armature… the armature moves but for example when there should be a jump in the air my model stays … the model seems to most of motions but stays on the same location. What am i doing wrong?

I suppose we are not allowed to see anything, it’s a big secret. With not supplying your blend file you’ve made a deliberate decision to make it harder for anyone to figure out what your problem is, don’t you think ?

Not sure I understand your problem, but for something similar it helped me to insert a location keyframe before copying an animation.

I’m going to guess that you don’t have a root bone? (one that can move the entire armature)

To digress a little where did you get your BVH file. I have only found a female one that works but need a male one. But to move a rig that has a BVH file do you think you have to move the root start and end keyframes before you add the BVH