help... with bvh script

Hi there! I have already searched the forum and didn’t find what I’m going to ask. If it is a pertinent questio than I’m sorry, but as I said, I have searched :smiley: .

Is there any good manual/tutorial on how to use the bvh script and assign a mesh to the armature animated with a bvh file? Thanks!


I already now that page. My question is how can I assign a mesh to an animated skeleton made with the bvh script.

short: parent the mesh to the armature that is “driven” by BHV.

long: check out the documentation, cause there are several options for skinning, especially because you’ll have to deal with vertex groups.

blender documentation

take your time to read carefully the sections you’ll need.


Ihave creted groups with the same name as the bones. Then I Parent the mesh with the skeleton, for this I have tried using Ctrl+P or Shift+Ctrl+P and the both didn-t work. Because when I click Ctrl-A the skeleton doesn-t move at all what is moving is that empties dots in the scene.

hm, ok - since i never used that script, i don’t know what it SHOULD do and what it WON’T do. however, those moving empties will be used as IK constraints to drive the bones.

about parenting: it IS CTRL+P. however, you have to be in object mode for that to work (neither edit mode - bones pink - nor pose mode - bones blue). and, you can parent the mesh only to one armature that contains all bone chains. but i assume that is what the script generates anyways.

Anyone knows I can I animate a mesh with this script? How can I assign the empties in the default_done.blend file with a mesh?

really, check the documentation to learn how use bones and skinning. when you master that, go back and try with the script. see the link i posted above.

I have already skined a mesh and create a simple animation with the keyframes. But I don’t know How to use the bvh script. I have setled the mesh with the armature the same way I have done before, but when I do the animation the mesh doesnt do the shape deformation. I have also tried to parent the mesh with the empties and it didn’t work to…

you need to assign ik constraints to certain bones - those, which should be moved by the empties. to do that, select the armature and go into pose mode (CTRL+TAB). select a bone, press F7 and from the constraints tab choose “add constraint” >> “IK solver”. in the object field put in the name of the empty that’s supposed to drive that particular bone. preceed with all other bones that should be affected by their respective empties.

… wwait wait wait - i just had a look on the script: it doesn’t create empties at all (but still you mind find useful what i just wrote…)! it creates an armature with all movement “baked” to each bone.

so basically what you need is parent your mesh to the armature and from the vertex naming options choose “create from closest bones”.

Thanks a lot for all the support.

The examples files that are in the site have the empties animated.
Could this be my problem?: I’m using only one mesh and trying to animate it.
But since it have that empties is the solution, should I have the character sepparated in diferent parts (the arms and legs should be seperate pieces) all parented to an empty?

If is that so, there’s no way of doing it in one single mesh?

ok, just to make sure we mean the same:

i used the BVH fila called “01flap.bvh”. it is the testing file the author of the import scripts provides on his site. this script creates an armature, and the bones have already the animation assigned.

you mean, that your test file produces only empties? in blender an empty refers to a … i think in english it’s called tripod (a object consisting ofthree axes). however i’m wondering why the script produces a complete armature with one BVH file, and only empties with an other?? if that is so, see my post above (about animationg armatures with empties). either way you don’t need to have separate parts for your animated mesh. it can be deformed as a whole by one armature (if you get it to work :wink:

good luck

This is getting a litlle confusing… :S. LOL

I’m trying to use the sexywalk.bvhprovided in the walking section. The file as an armature and some empties and the animation plays well (in the empties) even if I change some bones. What I can’t do is assign this file (or another similar) to a mesh :(.
The file you are talking about the flap.bvh I can’t find.

I hope this helps. I’ll try to clear this up a little.

Ideasman wrote the BVH import/export scripts that are included with blender. It creates empties and animates them flawlessly. I think the recommened technique is to parent the empties to the bones and the bones to the armature.

I used his import script as a start for one that would create the armature and animate the armature instead of the empties. That script is currently hung on my site. Currently there are some issues with my script, such as being very slow to load and the motion is a little off (or just plain wrong). My script is a WIP and I would love feedback to make it work better. Until I get the time to work the bugs out, I don’t think my script will be too much of a help for somebody working a project they want to use MOCAP for.



PS. Thanks Ideasman for the great scripts. Keep up the great work!