Help with BWF

My blender world forge is not working properly

when brought in thru the text window, it clames to have a “Python script error” and suggests that i check the counsold. I’m not very skilled in python… :wink: allthough i can assume that the higlited line is the problamatic one. Here is what it says:

from xml.sax.handler import ContentHandler

this line is right underneath the larg title File Access
XML Parser

anyone use bwf, and if you do, do you know why this is happening.

Also worth mentioning, i always recieve an error upon startup: No installed python found
which it is, i have downloaded the newest version, 2.1.4

also the startup screen claims that i donot have the module xml.sax.handler
(after attempting to run bwf)

can anyone help?


For one thing the latest version of python used in blender is 2.4. However, this is only in blender 4.0 so most others may require python 2.3. I’m pretty sure you can download it at What version of Blender are you using?

it clames to have a “Python script error” and suggests that i check the counsold

The console is your friend. Do not be afraid to look at it! It sounds like you don’t have the xml stuff intstalled ( at least for the correct version of Python).

The console also tells you what version of Python Blender is using. It is the line that starts "Using Python Version…’

Long story short, you most likely need to install Python 2.3. The xml extensions are part of a full python install, I believe.