Help with CAM Track-To Empty : Camera goes insane

If someone could answer this, it would be very appreciated.

I’m trying to simply add a Track-To constraint to a camera (in 2.8). I want to move the empty at certain points in the anim, so that the camera tracks to different objects as it moves by them - presumably by changing the location of the empty.

a) I’ve created an Empty, and parented it to the Camera (Empty is child).
b) I’ve added a Track-To constraint to the Camera onto the Empty.
c) The Camera tracks on the empty as predicted, when the CAM-position is changed.

HOWEVER, I want to move the empty at certain points - and here comes the problem: Every attempt to move (or even slightly adjust) the location of the empty, it goes crazy in 3D space - shooting off wildly in unpredictable directions, and not responding as we are used to objects. As it does this, the Camera also goes crazy of course, spinning and turning wildly. In short, “:mad:” !

What am I missing or doing wrong here?

I was choosing ‘Lock Track Constraint’, instead of ‘Track To Constraint’.

Also, making the Empty a child of the Camera doesn’t seem necessary, as it said to do in various places (?)

Just a FYI, making the empty a child of the camera and then using a track-to, or locked track constraint probably produces a cyclic dependency error, check the console to be sure. That’s what causes the crazy flipping around effect you mentioned.