Help with camel neck?


I’m very inexperienced with organic modeling and am confused about how to continue here:

Possibly I should have selected only 4 and not the bottom one when extruding that last time? … or should I be pulling things in tighter before?
Not sure what to do.
Any and all comments are welcome.



You are heading for difficulties. You should try to isolate the head with the red edge loop, and then build the camel’s features from eye, muzzle and lip loops. Most animals (birds, fish, lizards, people) with heads and necks work roughly the same way.

See if you can’t pull back or delete some of your neck verts and then match the pink grid leading into the red face loop.

Another potential difficulty: your mesh seems to have no volume. How are you planning on making the camel three dimensional?

Ahhh … very interesting. Thank you!
I’ll work with your directions and probably be back when it get’s close to the connection to the neck.
I started with a cube and hadn’t mirrored it at that point so here it is mirrored and with some volume.

I might be closer to a rinocerous ( or a volkwagen ) at this point but I’ll keep at it!

A light bulb just lit! … I see the loops now. It’s a different way of thinking of it for me.