help with camera movement

Hi. I’m new to the game engine and I have been doing the tutorials. So far, I have not had any problems, except for this:

How can I get the mouse to controll the camera’s rotations?

For example, when I move the mouse away from me, I want the camera to rotate up along the X-Axis. Is there a way I can specify which direction I move the mouse for something to happen?

Right now all I can say for the mouse under Sensors is Movement and the buttons. I am looking for a kind of “Move Forward” or “Move Left”. Thanks.


Sorry, you need a python script for that. Just do a search for “mouse script”.


Okay. I found a good one. I feel really guilty, though. I searched the forum, I really did! But I came up empty. Sorry if i annoyed anyone.


I’m not annoyed. :slight_smile: This stuff happens :wink: .