Help with camera views in tight spaces.

Hi Everyone,

I’m modelling an interior scene (Dressing rooms of a retail space) where the confined space is very close to the camera. If I change the lens to a wider angle it distorts the scene too much. If I pull the camera back, the camera is obstructed by a wall.

To complicate things, the camera is facing a mirror, so I can’t delete the obstructing wall because it is supposed to be reflected in the mirror.

Is there any way to address this issue? I’m not sure what my options are. Any help would be appreciated!


Yes, posting a visual (screenshot) of the problem and perhaps a mockup of the wanted result when asking questions would be helpful.

So do you want to have the wall invisible to the camera but not to the mirror? Whatever the solution, wide angle lens probably is not it.


Yes…Ideally the wall is invisible to the camera, but not to the mirrored reflection.
I’ve attached an image of the scene with the camera pushed way back.
As a temporary solution, I changed the mirror so its roughness is a bit higher so the reflection is a bit blurry
But Ideally I would have a completely reflective mirror. Any thoughts on achieving this?
thanks for your help!

Ok. Could disable object ray visibility from camera, or add that ability to the material. Not sure what to do with the shadows though.


Thanks for your response! Let me try this and see if it works…

Thanks again!

Just wanted to say thanks again! This worked exactly as I was hoping!