help with car env map

Hi. I am modeling a PT Cruiser and am starting to texture it. How do I achieve the affect of white shiny parts, like in this image:

Right now, I have my model inside a box with normals pointing in and an env map on the car paint:

I appreciate any help. Thanks.


is there any particular reason why you are not using raymir (aside from the fact that it is slower than envmapping)?

the white shiny parts are due to strategically placed lights and a high spec value for the material

hope that this helps


For photo realistic reflections (instead of ENV map) press the Ray Mirror button (in materials>Mirror Transp tab) and move the slider for the desiered effect.
for the shinnieness, turn up the specular and hard values.
I hope this is what you were looking for

Okay. I may have fixed it, but I thought I should use env maps because of the car image in this tutorial:

I thought he achieved those white highlights with an env map.