Help with chain modeling from Blender manual

Under special modeling Techniques.Dupliframes there is a great section talking about modeling chains which is something that I needed. I get all the way to the dupliframes on the path (Pg. 341-342) After the “link” has been duplicated down the path you are suppose to insert a rotation, move a few frames and rotate 90 degrees to insert another rotation.

The problem is that when I rotate 90 degrees I do so by (Pressing R, Y,Y, 90, ENTER) but the link move right back to where it was. No change in IPO. There may be a step missing here and I was wondering if anybody knew what it was.

FYI, there is an error on page 338 2nd paragraph, where it instructs you to press “CurvePath” and “CurveFollow” Under the “Amin Settings” section but it is under “Curve and Surfaces” Section.

What am I missing???

Thanks all!

I worked on this for hours and didn’t come up with a solution until about 5 minutes after I post :slight_smile: … figures. This isn’t ideal but it works.

After you create a “link” for the chain insert your 2 keyframe rotations. Then create a path and parent it. Once you setup dupliframes here you can then enter IPO mode and make adjustments.

If anybody knows a better way please still post it.

Thanks again!


You have to insert the rotation keyframe before turning Dupliframe on (or turn it off while you do).



Just wanted to add a little something. Not much about method, more about the logic.

There aren’t that many chains out there that have links that rotate 90 digrees one link after another. To make it more realistic, try not rotating the chain so much. That way, even when the chain is straight, the links will have a variety in angle as opposed to just the 2 visible angles you get from rotating 90 digrees at a time.

You can look at the chains in this pic for an example.

Hope this helps