Help with character animations

When I have a game character and a walk animation for it how do I make it so that when I am not hitting any keys he goes into standing position?

With logic states of course!:slight_smile:
Here’s a demo file that i made sometime earlier.

[btw there’s no anim in the file. but you can use the setup in this case. watch the debug info, when you press W. use state-1 as idle and state-2 for walk/run anim]


idle_motion_states.blend (465 KB)

Cool thanks saga but how do I change what happens in state 1. I am kind of new to blender so I don’t know that much yet.

I found this tutorial series by David Ward EXTREMELY helpful:

@zbryanz the state 1 is the idle state.Lets say you want to play some sort of character anim on state 1.
to do that you firsty make an animation in f-curve and in the state you put appropriate logic bricks to play the anim.

for instance:
Sensor: always–> Controller: And --> F-Curve: Play/Loop

Now in the state 2 you want to do the normal walk cycle.
which means you want to use action acuator for playing the appropriate animation for fwd/bkwd/stare motions etc.

For instance:
You have made character walk cycle.
In the state 2 you put the keyboard sensor( W key ) to trigger that character animation. [just replace appropriate animations i have done, with the appropriate character motion and you are ready to go.]