Help with children's TV pilot in Australia

We are a small film company in Australia working in pre-production for a new children’s animated series. Those involved at this point in time are not getting paid. We need to get a 10-15 minute pilot episode off the ground. We have scripts for the first 6 episodes and have preliminary drawings of the main characters and location settings. We need someone based in NSW Australia who is familiar with all aspects of animation with Blender and who is prepared to help out in their spare time, the same as the rest of us. We have three TV channels interested and a publisher for a book of the series as well as DVD distribution. There will be employment eventually, but for now it’s an opportunity to gain experience and work with a production team to get this series up and running. If you’re interested contact me.
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Good Luck with your project. I can chip in some (key word being SOME <- please pay attention to this word aka “SUM” in cellphone text language) at animation time - after you’ve made the models etc. I’m based across the ditch and really far from Skippy the Kangaroo, but it shouldn’t be much an issue.
You can check out for some of my portfolio, I devote some of my life to this site, and some of my/our world can be used in a synergestic manner.

Thanks for the interest. What experience do you have with Blender? Do you specalise in any one area? We have interest in OZ, USA and UK for the series. Thanks again.
Matt Watters

@mattwatters, Im hoping when I get back there is some blender related work going on, preferably in Victoria, Melbourne. but NSW could be fine too.

Let us know when you get back to OZ.

Hi! I’m not in NSW but I have done professional work for Orion Art in Engadine NSW, and we worked well together via YouSendIt. Let me know if you are open to working with an American (don’t hate me, I just live here). I am experienced in all phases of production. I’d love to work with ya! I think there’s some AU grants and such to with export graphics and $

I too would suggest trying to get grants. I don’t know what Aussie has but in NZ we have TVNZ that puts a lot of money into development works. Its a hard road starting out with not much, but high risks have high rewards.

Good luck with it. I look forward to seeing the results of the efforts when they come out. A few years younger and i would probably have jumped at the opportunity.

How old are you bro ? Not a geriatic yet ?. (Not that theres nothing wrong with with age - it’s simply a number)
EDIT: I could ask TVNZ for some grant - they can only say no. Apparently they pay the loudest ones grants first.

Yep, we’ve got 2 great people with years of experience doing the grant thing as we speak. As we have a new federal government, organisations are holding off until May 15th when the budget comes down, and then it will be a mad rush to secure funding. Because this project has universal appeal with potential to be sold worldwide we are approaching all levels of government and philanthropic organisations for support. Once we get the pilot done, commercial companies will be approached to fund the series. That’s when all involved in the production team make the $.

Sounds like a good plan. I know someone who does a lot of applying for grants here and basically they made friends on both sides of federal government before the election. :slight_smile:

Hi all,
I’ve got good news for the production of the pilot and bad news for anyone who wanted to work on the pilot from Blenderartists. We have been offered unlimited time and facilities (with animators) to get the pilot off the ground with a Sydney based studio. I can’t give you details, but thanks to all the people who contacted me after my original post here calling for help. We approached the studio over a month ago and we thought they passed on the idea. They have just come back with this incredible offer. They love our original concept and want to be in on the bottom floor.
Thanks again, it’s a great community you’ve got going.

Will the project still use Blender?

so, i guess i need to move to Sydney, then?

They want to use Lightwave 3D.

So I gather you have given your rights to them then? And they will be doing everything from now on hey. Well, congrats anyway. Wish you success.

I guess Blender can be used for a few things to chip in.

We haven’t given rights to anyone just yet. This is to be worked thru. I don’t know if Blender elements can be used, that will be up to the technical director. There may be things to work on, not sure.

That is cool. I really wish you guys success. At least give it a go and if not is going well then at least you tried. Keep us updated in any case!