Help with choosing a monitor

I’m building a new pc and I need to choose a monitor. I don’t have a lot of budget so my options are limited. I wanted to go for 27" WQHD monitor but the only ones I can find that are within my budget are TN screens. I don’t know much about monitors but its said that IPS screens are better than TN screens, so I’m not sure about that.
My other option is to buy a FHD IPS monitor but I’m scared that FHD might be a bit low for 27". On the other hand I don’t even know if 27" is necessary and I should get a 24" instead.
Which one do you think I should buy?

For professional use, your concern should be bit-depth, color fidelity and color space. Normally those are expensives, HP Z series, Dell with PremierColor, Benq PV series. For overall use, an IPS is enough. For 3D work I would prefer a dual 24"s FullHD than one 27". TN and VA is for gamers and basic uses.

Monitors that come with workstation packages are normally reliable for work.

What lucas.coutin said above is good advice.

A 27" QHD monitor can be had for fairly cheap these days. IPS is always preferable, though VA panels are also decent enough to look at if you happen to find a good monitor sporting it, though they’re fairly rare these days. Don’t even look at TN panels. If it comes down to only TN monitors being in your budget range, then hold off, save up your money, and buy one later. You’ll be happier in the long run.

Color depth is also important. The good news is that most monitors these days are pretty decent, providing 99% sRGB, 8 bits per pixel. Though if, say, you intend to do professional quality image work, and want your colors to match with professionally calibrated displays, you’ll want to hit up 10-12 BPP that can cover the majority of adobeRGB or HDR10 color spaces. You won’t find that on any monitor below $1000 though.

Thank you for your advice.

I narrowed down my options and I’m considering either getting a 24" FHD monitor or increasing the budget a little and getting 27" QHD monitor, both are IPS screens. I don’t really care for the size but I want to get a QHD if I can but I’m not sure if it’s too much for just modelling.

Do you think is it worth getting a 27" QHD? Or to put it differently, do I need a QHD monitor?

You don’t absolutely need one, but it is nice to have for larger monitors. I have a 32" QHD, and I love it.

Though a 27" HD monitor would still look pretty good. You’ll notice more aliasing, especially on fonts and whatnot, but it’s not going to be an absolutely terrible experience.

Thanks, I decided to get a 27" QHD monitor.

The reason I decided to not buy a 27" HD monitor is because I heard some people say it might be a bit blurry and might tire my eyes after using a long time, I don’t know if it’s true though.

Its true. 27 qhd ips, decent colors, nothing spectacular, i would look for bigger refresh rates, 144 or more.

It won’t be blurry so much as jaggy. Between an HD 24" and 27" monitor, they’ll both sport the same amount of pixels, but they’re gonna be that much larger and noticeable on the latter.

Well, then I’m glad I didn’t buy that one, and yes I’m looking for 144 Hz ones.

Doesn’t pixels being larger and noticeable mean it’s more blurry? Of course it wouldn’t be terrible but I didn’t want to risk it.

What @lucas.coutin said, but specifically on the subject of bit-depth you want to make sure it’s a real 8bit panel and not 6bit + FRC(meaning the display is dithered).

Now contrary to what @Renzatic was saying, not only have TN monitors also gotten better in terms of color gamut/accuraccy(there are some that achive 95%+ sRGB) but VA is actually becoming more common and TN less.

Since TNs advantage was high response times/refresh rate and since in the last couple of years both VA and IPS have seen some significant progress in this area, TN is starting to fall out of favor with manufacturers.

With that said, if you are really, on a very, very tight budget then a TN can still be ok. It’s main issue is viewing angles and contrast ratio. But if you manage to find one with a decent contrast ratio and ~95% sRGB coverage - it can work fine enough. But honestly there should be plenty of decent older IPS models at around the same price.

edit2: if all you do is modeling and color is of no concern then all of this is rather irrelevant. You can probably model on a decade old potato.

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LG NanoCell 85 Series 2020 49 inch 4k 120hz native with hdr and hdmi 2.1 for $600 msrp


LG QNED MiniLED 90 Series 2021 65 inch Same as above with better color and contrast for $1900

Both don’t have screen burn in. OLED is great but can get burn in. Burn in is not great when having a Blender icon on the screen for 12 hours. There might also be a samsung or sony with better mini led tech then lg.

There isn’t any bleed between the individual pixels on an LCD monitor, so the end result is less blurry, more chunky.

To make things a little easier to wrap your head around, think of things in terms of pixels per inch, rather than resolution and screen size. A 27" 1080p monitor is 81ppi. The same monitor at 1440p is 108. My 32" 1440p monitor is somewhere in between, at 91ppi.

The end result of higher PPI? Less chunkiness, and slightly more vivid colors, since all the individual pixels that make up your images are packed that much more tightly together onscreen.

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After doing some research, yeah TNs can be decent enough but as you said I was able to find a relatively cheap IPS so I’m gonna go with that. Thanks for the info though.

Yeah, I understand what you mean, maybe blurry was a wrong word to use here. Since the pixel density is low the the resolution will be lower and I was scared that it might be uncomfortable for me.

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