Hullo all!
I was finally able to do my first 5 sec short animation with an organic creature (a lizard) and I even included a nice little sand looking surface with some rocks. However, for such short a vide (lets face it 5 sec is nothing) it ate up 10mb with the codec option in blender. My question is, is there a better codec that can compress it even further? or maybe another option in blender itself? I’ve thought of resizing the whole scene (objects, lizard, rocks etc.) to see if maybe that will shorten the amount of mb it’ll eat up. I’m just asking cuze I’d like to send these short videos to friends and families and some of them don’t have powerful super computers with a lot of speed… so basically I want to shorten their download time as much as possible.

thanks, lyceon.

10MB!!! My 5-sec shorts were under 2mb! I used the quicktime codec. I can’t remember the exact settings though. Go for compression rather than qualtiy. You will have to sacrifice quality if you share videos on the internet.

A lot depends on the end result. The frame rate can increase the filesize quite a bit. You can usually get away with 15 frames/sec. for computer animation. Sound will add a lot. Uncompressed video is about 3.6 Mb/sec.

MPEG-4 is the most current standard for good quality and reasonable filesize. There are a number of MPEG-4 CODECs and they aren’t interchangeable. The DivX and Xvid are pretty much the standards for best quality. The Microsoft and Quicktime versions are a bit farther down the list. The rule of thumb that I use is that a DivX compressed file at reasonable quality is 1% of the original filesize.
Look up the DivX and Xvid guides in quick links.
Also check out the comparisons in “The Basics” area.

yes, codec are so annoying, it thought , until i instlled the Divx codec to watch a short music video, then found that yafray works with it !!
(i can’t get the internal renderer to work with Divx, but i never use that anyway)

i got a 30mb animation down to 1.6 mb !! and hardly a compromise in quality !!!

get Divx , and use that, its wounderful. anoy been useing it for a week, but i have got all the animations i had, and went to blender and rendered them all again with Divx,and i am soo happy, Divx is free, you can get Divx pro, for around £20 but the free one is better then good , so use it !!!

go ahead, Divx is the way to go