Help with coffee tutorial

I am doing the blendtuts coffee tutorial and ran into a problem . When making the cup handle, he extrudes two faces, then he turns the faces about 45 degrees on one plane and uses the bridge to join them. I cant rotate my faces in only one plane. He does not say what he is doing to select two planes and rotate them in one plane at the same time. I have tried R X, RY and the face still twists off its axis, the resulting bridge has very bad topology that I cant fix. Can any tell me how to rotate these faces in only one plane?

He presses R to rotate and Y to constrain it to global y axis, one face at a time.
Why it wouldn’t work though, maybe your pivot point is set to something other than median point (hotkey ctrl+,). Pivot menu is on the header.

Also, next time link to the tutorial with timestamp (right click on the video, copy video URL w/ time) and use paragraphs.

He does not say, but he does show: it is indeed R Y (top right corner). What you probably haven’t noticed, however, is that these planes are initially aligned with YZ plane, that’s why he can easily rotate them around Y world axis. Now if your planes are located differently, you can still do this: at the bottom of the 3D view, set 3D manipulator mode to “Normal” (he has it on “Global”). Then, instead of tapping R Y, tap R Y Y (y twice), or whatever other axis you want to rotate them around (that’d probably actually be X axis for Normal mode).

In the future when asking questions like these, please provide a link and/or time in the video you have problem with.

In tutorial it’s done by rotating separately each plane on Y axis keeping rotation center at default Median Point -keys " r y". That should be enough if face extrusion was on x axis. You could delete rotated faces, select both edge loops and use built in W menu Bridge tool for this.

a screen shot would others visualize what you are talking about…

cup was made along main global axis
it makes life easier and faster!

i did it last week for fun and it was easy and fast to make this coffee cup!

and he did one face at a time like R Y 45
but depends anyway how you want the end of the handle to be !


Thank you. Although I find written tutorials to be easier, I like this one.

have you been able to complete the coffee cup and the plate too

he has a way of doing it starting with circle 10 segments that is surprising and easy to do!


R Y Y works without setting manipulator to normal. keyboard shortcuts are unaffected by manipulator settings on the toolbar…

I am sorry, but you are not correct. I didn’t say it affects hotkeys. It affects coordinate space those hotkeys operate in.

ur right…but when its set to global, R Y Y rotates local. where as it should stay global?

It’s a special case, because Global setting in this case is redundant.

No, I have not finished yet. I have to find free time to pursue this hobby. I hope to get back to it this weekend. My handle is screwed up because of the bad topology, which forced me to strike out on my own. Of course when I tried that I made it worse, and had to delete the handle. I surprised myself by being able to fix the resulting hole in the side of the cut by adding new faces and trying again. But, each time, the same twisting happened. I have not gone back to it yet since posting here. It was actually the RYY suggesting that I was looking for. I remembered that it could be done, but could not remember how. Then, I was wondering how I could synchronize the two faces so that they were in the same plane. I think, before I totally start on a new cup that I will take another suggestion from here and delete the faces and try the bridge from the two loops instead. Since there are no edges in the loop, it is unlikely that two lines will end up crossing each other in the bridge and screw up the topology. So, at my rate…god only knows.