Help with collisions with multiple rigid bodies

I do not know the term for this, but I want to make a game in the game engine where you can walk around on an object while that object is moving. Like this:

I have tried using logic bricks to parent the character to the moving object whenever the character collides with it, and when I jump off, I am unparented with it. It does not work very well and I lose all of my momentum whenever I unparent the two.

How would I go about doing something like this?

Edit: I got a WASD movement system for the moving object, and space to make the character jump, when it jumps, it unparents itself from the moving object, which is what I think I want. Now I’m trying to figure out how to make it maintain it’s velocity.

That’s a pretty difficult thing to accomplish. I remember it being one of the biggest debugging headaches for a friend who was working on the Uncharted 2 train level. Maintaining momentum like that may be beyond the scope of the logic brick system.

Ok, thanks. I’ll do a bit of research on how other games like Battlefront and Halo did it :slight_smile: