Help with color correction of DV video from consumer vidcam


Does anyone use blender specifically for DV editing, color correction, enhancements etc. I have hours of holiday vids / kids growing up DV footage from a consumer ‘quality’ vidcam I’d like to work on.

Any workflows / sequencer plugins / node setups you’d care to share. Or links.

I’ve been googling and found loads of stuff for Premiere, FCP and the like but I’d like to use open source, specifically blender.

The wiki manual for compositing is a great source but looking for something specific to dv enhancement, color correction, workflow, etc aimed at TV viewing.

Cinellera-CV just keeps freezing if i dare touch the timeline with dvgrabed mov files even, kdenlive a little under featured, kino nah too limiting, pitivi etc even less functions.

The transfer to DVD and authoring is not a problem, just getting the raw video footage decent.

Thanks in advance.

Version 2.46 added color correction (see “Three way color correction”) in the Sequencer itself - no need to use nodes at all.