Help with color/texture

I was comissioned to create a 3D model of what i assume is a pollup for a doctor. I was going to use Vizx3D to model it since im more familiar with the program. My latest trial ended and so i sat down to learn blender (which i actualy like more, i just used vizx due to familiarity). I have it finished except for textures. Whenever i try to apply color to just one part (selected vertices/faces) it applies it to the entire thing. I would understand this had i been working with one object, but in reality im working with several objects put together, and only one is selected. Help would be nice becuase its giving me a headache.

This should be what you need:


And this

X.x the one place i didnt look. thank you very much.

And much thanks to you too.

update : worked like a charm