Help with combining two objects

So I’ve been using blender for a bit, but I’m having trouble getting the effect I want here using what I know.

I want to combine these two objects together:

I want to put the mouth and nose on the body, more specifically. No need for eyes. If I move the objects to simulate what I want, it would look like this, but smoother:

Normally, I would try to use the Boolean modifier and just sew it together as best as I can, then remesh it for a better product. However, the boolean modifier is working strangely, doing things like deleting the face mesh all together when I try to combine:

This is obviously a really janky setup, but I don’t know any better way to do it. Any alternatives would be great, as well as explanations as to how the modifier works to explain why this is happening. I’ve tried adding a face to the back to keep it a closed shape, but for some reason it worked the first time I tried, but not the second?

Please reply with any possible solutions!

Would the remesh option in Sculpt mode work?
Join the 2 meshes together by selecting both and pressing ctrl+J and then go into sculpt mode and remesh the 2?

Might need to play with the Voxel size to get the desired result.

maybe try to offset the area in your main geometry where the face should be and after the offset try to add Your sculpted geometry, later You can smooth the blend at the edge where geometries are connect

I already tried this, hence why the mouth and nose stick out where I want them to. It doesn’t make any change, as far as I can tell.

If I remesh the model at all automatically, then the fingers get webbed together. I suppose I could try and separate the head first and add it back on manually later?

So, update!
I have managed to make it work, although it’s definitely janky and doesn’t make for a good end result if you don’t plan on retopologizing later.

What I did was delete most of the face inside the head(circle select will be your friend) and then used the boolean modifier on what was left, setting it to difference and selecting the head for the target.

This put a ring of vertices on the mouth piece where it met with the head, so I then went in and deleted every face and vertex on the inside of the head still using the line as a guide. I used the clean up functions a lot to save me time, and circle selected everything I could before focusing on sections and deleing the last vertices by hand. After that was done, I did the same thing but on the head.

THEN, I joined the two objects together(via boolean). By this point there are holes everywhere, so I went in and selected edge loops and made new faces. I didn’t worry about how bad the shapes of the faces were because a later step would fix it.

Once I had finished, and did a final clean up, I went into sculpt mode and turned on dyntopo, then started clicking along the seam to clean up the topology a bit before smoothing everything out. My finished product is extremely lumpy, however, and no amount of smoothing seems to fix it. However, retopology should be able to fix it because the faces will be far larger and will even things out a bit.

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