Help with Compositing (cycles)

How can I get rid of the dark box outline, and have the object visible in the finale render?

Here is the node setup and the file because it pretty hard to see.

video_track_test.blend (531 KB)

Thanks so much.

I don’t really get what you mean…I understand there’s a clip you’ve tracked and are trying to composite on top of, though I don’t have the file I just get the render. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the render settings, under Film set it to Transparent.

Edit- you have the Alpha Over node factor set to 0. Set it to 1. Also why are you inverting the alpha of the foreground and then adding it to the image? You can delete those two nodes.

For the vector blur, you can’t composite it at the same time as a cycles render because you need Blender internal for that. You’ll have to create a new scene with the render set to BI.

Sorry I was just experimenting, I have absolutely no clue of what I’m doing. I just clicked Setup Tracking Scene in hopes it would set it up in cycles, but it didn’t. Also when I set alpha over to 1 the scene is totally black. Maybe this is the wrong approach I just want to add the shadow of an object to the video I tracked. Is it possible to combine cycles and BI for this, using Bi for shadow and cycles for the actual object material.