Help with Compositing


Check the image below and answer my question, please…

How can I make the light bar, after compositing (applying the blur effect on it), displayed behind the ball, not in front of it?



In the Mix node that you have set to Add, change that to Mix and swap the inputs. Put the bar on the top input, the ball on the bottom one.

You could also use the ball in a Mask Layer. Select the ball and click M. Put the ball on two layers, one so that it’s visible and one to act as a mask.
Then in the Render Layers panel, select the layer for the light, and under Mask Layer select one of the layers the ball is on. Don’t select the same layer you’re using in the ball’s Render Layer.

Steve S

Mask layer won’t work quite right in this case because the cutout is done prior to the blur. The blurred area of the pole will then extend over the ball, which it shouldn’t do. You could do some separate/combine RGBA dancing so the blur doesn’t affect the alpha channel I guess, or maybe reset the alpha channel back to the original value with the set-alpha node.

I didn’t work… Thanks, anyway…

Thank you so much…