Help with compositing

How do I add a sense of speed in this scene using the blender compositor?
I found something useful on Andrew’s Wow Factor Ebook but didn’t find how to add a sense of speed.

A step by step tutorial will be useful.

Please use the correct subforum for support questions…

Wrong subforum or not… You should add motion blur. You have several possibilities how to do it. First - add directional blur, second -render vector pass and then add vector blur in the compositor using your vector pass. Lastly if you’re using cycles, just enable motion blur and play with its values (provided that you have a real animation with motion, not just a static scene)

First of all… U have to think… What is wrong in this image, or what is missing. If u can’t spot this. u have to watch a lot of movies…

Or at least freeze frame the best bits.

Is the camera flying along with the three guys? If so, then the ground in the foreground needs a lot of blur. If the camera is still and the guys are flying past, then they need the motion blur.

Steve S

How about vector trails?

This isn’t the way it happens in camera and mine is a crude implementation but it looks cooler than vector blur when properly done.