Help with converting hair particles to a mesh model

I already know how to transform the hair particles into a mesh. The problem is, none of the effects and textures I have on the hair particles transfer over to the mesh when I make it. I don’t know if that’s possible. So, now I’m just trying to combine the hair mesh with my character model’s head. I’ve joined them together and tried to bake the textures but the hair mesh doesn’t show up in the baked textures or in the object model if I export then import to look at it. Any ideas on how to do what I’m trying to accomplish? I mean even if I don’t add a material to the hair mesh it should still show up on the model right?

No example file supplied in your post !

When you convert particles to a mesh the hairs are a series of edges so have no faces to render.
You either have to give the hairs volume before converting or give the edges thickness once you have converted them.
You need to decide what you want from the start, if you don’t want particle hair then you need to plan ahead.

For some options see

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…kind of defeats the purpose of the particle hair system if you can’t export it to the game engine of your choice without deforming the shapes of the hairs you spent days making. Thanks though, I will try those methods and see how it comes out.

Hi, sorry I didn’t see your request for the file in your post. Here is the file I’m working on.
I tried the options from your link but it just locks up blender, continuous loading icon where mouse is. How can I add volume before I convert it to a mesh outside of the options from the link you gave?