Help with costumes

Me and two other friends is havin’ problems. I want to dress up as a slice of watermelon, another friend wants to dress up as the kool aid man, another wants to dress up as a chicken leg. I cannot find any of these costumes on the internet. So if someone could show me where those costumes might be found, or how they might be made, i’d really appreciate it.

What we’re planning on doing is dressing up in these thangs and dancing around my friend Steven Maxwell. He’s black and would no doubt get a kick out of it.


hmm… diy would indeed, be the best solution, probably!

Chicken egg: Hold a bunch of chicken eggs and cover yourself with a white sheet.

Slice of watermelon: wear nothing but Fruit of the Loom underwear. Nuf said.

Kool-aid man: Get drenched in water with food coloring in it and find some woman’s perfume that smells like kool-aid. Then put a bucket on your head.

Here is a method for construction that I see carried out very frequently - like every day:

  1. First you need plans to get the exact shape that you want. Like, rough sketch out a person standing with the costume on them.
    Then you can get some idea of size and dimensions of all parts to be constructed.
    Then either freehand sketch on graph paper or use PC drafting to draw to scale.

  2. Next build an armature with the correct dimensions to scale. An armature could be made out of rigid wire, plastic, thin strips of wood, or any other thing to hold the correct shape.

  3. Cover the armature with a suitable material cloth, foam, heavy paper - whatever.

  4. Paint etc.

The method above is a quick and dirty way to get a reasonable costume out relatively quickly.
However, to create something really good, we use the following method:

  1. Plans etc as per above.

  2. Create a solid polystyrene model the exact size and shape that you want the costume.
    Then cut the polystyrene model into manageable blocks held together in the correct shape by wooden skewers. This allows easy removal from the foam skin later.

  3. Cut out and lay approx 9mm or 12mm foam completely over the model. Use pins to hold in place and glue (contact adhesive) all edges so that you have a complete unbroken skin covering the model. Dont be scared to nip and tuck to get the exact shape that you want.
    DO NOT GLUE THE FOAM SKIN TO THE MODEL. Apply paper under each seam to help prevent glue getting onto model.
    Leave a long slot in an obscured place complete with zipper if neccessary to allow entry and removal from mould - also to climb in and out of.

  4. Glue hair and stuff to the foam if you want hair, or apply consecutive layers of paintable latex over it to create a smooth skin.

  5. Remove from poly model and insert prefabricated armature which is created by laying wire or whatever over poly model to get correct shape. - Remember the skewers holding it all together? This is where they are really useful for dismantling.

  6. Paint etc.