Help with coulor

Hey all im new to this blander game engine and im making the maze game from

And when i put the coulours in my maze and start the game the colors arnt there and the maze is just marked out with grey lines can anyone help? Oh and i have v2.34 Thnx in advance 8)

I can’t really help, that link is bad

now then, are you vertex painting or applying images to your mesh in face select mode?

textures associated with the material, like the envmap texture and the distnoise texture do not work in the game engine, only UV mapped images and vertex colors.

[so, to apply textures, you enter face select mode [F key], select some faces, select your texture in an image window, press U in the 3d window and choose a way to uvmap [unwrap] those faces]

however, you can copy the colors you see in control+z (shaded) mode into the vertex colors of a mesh by pressing the button the arrow points at

Hi, I’ve got the same problem: I’m vertex painting, I can see the materials in the 3D window but they dissappear in the game engine, tryed ALT Z but didn’t work

your commment doesn’t make sense

when you start vertex painting the colors you see in alt+z (textured) mode are those of the vertex colors.
[if you are in solid mode, you will see the vertex colors only while in vertex paint mode]

if you haven’t started vertex painting a mesh the colors visible in alt+z (textured) mode will be those of the material colors (same as those in shaded: control+z mode)

to copy the colors from shaded (control+z) mode to the vertex colors so that they are visible in the game engine you press the button the big red arrow points at

if you want the detail of your procedural textures without subdividing your mesh a bunch, you need to bake your textures

so, by doing that you can get a result like the following:

that image was created with an older version of a script I wrote, so it has a couple artifacts [at uv corners]. you can see the current version [still incomplete (I don’t know if I will complete it) but working and usuable, even if a couple more steps] at: