Help with creature WIP

I recently made this, but I need advise on what I should change and/or add. I want to keep its personality while making it more realistic and professional-looking. Also, do you think it needs more realistic feet, or is what it has fine?

  • The feet are fine as is.
  • The feet need to be more realistic.

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Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Nice Dragon :slightly_smiling_face:

If u want have a bad boy dragon u can give him sharper teeth and few spikes at the back and toes

Thanks for the quick reply.

I don’t necessarily want to make it a dragon (hence the lack of wings) but thanks anyway. spines might look cool, I just need to find a good tutorial on it.

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What exactly is it? In order for it to be believable it has to be rooted in some sort of reality for your audience to relate to. Look at reference… Lizard, Fish, Shark, Tadpole. It will help sell the model.

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In term of realism i’m with mvgrafx but i like the concept. If this is more aquatic the find might be a litter more flat. Or some claws maybe one bigger and pointier at the front legs, nostrils, ears … maybe another material for that… and i’m not nitpicking :wink: